Avocado Oil with Chipotle

Avocado Oil with Chipotle


This avocado oil has been infused with smokey chipotle chillies to give you a deliciously savoury chilli oil to cook with or use in your spicy salad dressings.

Avocados are a fruit native to Mexico and naturally, a big component in the Mexican diet. Avocado oil is made with the flesh of avocados, so it has the gorgeous, delicate flavour of the fruit and a very velvety texture, almost buttery. It is super versatile. Rich in monounsaturated fats and with one of the highest smoking points of all oils, it makes a great addition to your pantry.

I love it for cooking and although technically you can fry with it, I prefer to use it in my salsas and in salad dressings. Rich in vitamins A, E, D and in beta-sitosterol, it is really good for me. 

Detail: Avocado Oil and Chipotle, Ahuacatlan, 250 mls

Care: store at room temperature in a dark, cool place. 

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